How to Pick Your New Sofas Colour

Your sofa is one of the best decorative elements to your home, becoming the focal point of any room. The right sofa can transform the look and feel of any room, elevating the style throughout; however choosing the wrong sofa can have the opposite effect.

One of the main attributes of a sofa is the colour, but how do you pick the right colour for you? Take a look at our top tips to help you.

Will it Match Your Décor?

Before investing in a new sofa, ensure you take into consideration your existing décor. This includes the colour of your walls, other furniture and embellishments, and the theme you have created within your home.  These are all factors to think about when picking a new sofa colour.

If you have wooden flooring and oak furniture, sofa colours such as grey, brown or beige will make fantastic style choices to co-ordinate perfectly. If you have a contemporary or minimalistic interior design, brighter colours such as whites, green and mustard could work wonders, or even a black sofa to enhance your décor.

If your living space uses a bold and bright colour like orange, an accent chair or an area rug, a blue sofa will look fantastic. If your living space has pink or red, an earthy camel or beige colour will look wonderfully complementing. Before investing in a new sofa, try to imagine the sofa in your living space with your current backdrop of colours. This is a great way find out if it blends in wonderfully or conflicts with the room.

Think of the Sofa’s Location

The location of your sofa is also a crucial factor to take into consideration. If you’re thinking of placing your sofa where it will be in direct sunlight, try avoiding fabrics with bright colours as this can fade over time from the sun. You don’t want a beautiful sofa to fade due to its location.


If you want to avoid high maintenance, colours such as white or other bright colours will easily present stains and dirt marks. If you have little children or pets in the home, grey, black and dark browns work best, as long as they are compatible with your home’s décor.

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