Upgrading Your Sofa This Year?

Investing in a new sofa is super exciting, but there so much you need to think about! There’s so many options to choose from; including styles, fabrics, sizes, colours and shapes. How do you know which is the best sofa for you and your home?

Upgrading your sofa can completely transform your room and add a beautiful vibrancy throughout the space. Take a look at some of the top sofa trends to look out for in 2021.

Go For Bold

As we enter the spring season, we’ll bring warm positive colours into our homes, and what better way to bring the beauty of bold colours than with a brand new sofa. Strong colours such as red are incredibly warm and inviting, but paired with strong deep hues such as navy it becomes a vibrant calming space to retreat and enjoy.

This year, homeowners are becoming more adventurous with their colours, opting for brighter bolder options within their interior décor.

Accentuate with Beauty

Raw materials and beautiful, unrefined finishes are two of the biggest sofa trends we will see this year. A stunning, statement sofa adds a pop of colour to a neutral space, but tones of nature, including ocean blues and mossy greens, are hugely popular choices.

Influences of the beauty of nature are a popular focus in 2021, and there’s no doubt we will see earthy rich tones through.

Curve Your Style

Formal arrangement sofas used to be the go-to trend for homeowners, but not this year. Instead, we will see a rise in more relaxed, curvaceous shapes that provide both comfort and wonderful space for entertaining.

Curved sofa designs are fantastic for allowing you to make the most of the space in any home. These make them the perfect option for socialising and relaxing with friends and family.

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